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Universalprogrammiergeraete: hed.chip - Universal Programmiergeraet


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hed.chip - universal device programmer

Version History (Changes before 01.01.2001)

The device programmer and its software are constantly being updated. A new version number is issued if significant changes have been made or new devices have been added. Small improvements are released without a new version number. A software release is marked by the version number and its release date.

Changes after 01.01.2001

  • 2.76, Release date 21.12.00
    • Bugfix: Reading EPROM 87C257 (just reading, programming+verify was OK)
  • 2.76, Release date 08.12.00
    • New device: FLASH Alliance AS29F040
    • Bugfix: Erasing some 29F*** did not work after the last change
    • New adapter: TQFP44 for MCS51 microcontroller in this package, eg.: Atmel AT89C52-24AC
  • 2.76, Release date 04.12.00
    • New devices: FLASH series 49F made by Atmel and Winbond
    • New devices: more FLASH devices made by Winbond and SGS Thomson
    • More than 70 devices !
  • 2.75, Release date 19.11.00
    • New device: Texas Instruments TMS27C128
    • New device: Fairchild FM27C512
    • New device: Xicor X28HC64
    • New devices: Catalyst 28F512, 28F010, 28F020, 28F001
    • New devices: Atmel AT29LV512, AT29LV010A, AT29LV020, AT29LV040A
    • Bugfix: Atmel AT90S2313 and AT90S1200 when using Windows NT
  • 2.74, Release date 04.11.00
    • New device: Philips P89C51RD+
    • New device: Macronix MX29F040
  • 2.73, Release date 21.10.00
    • New devices: Philips P89C51U, P89C52U, P89C54U, P89C58U, P89C51RC+
  • 2.73, Release date 14.10.00
    • New device: AMD N87C52T2
  • 2.72, Stand 06.10.00
    • New device: Siemens C505A-4E, C505CA-4E. A special PQFP44 adapter is required for these devices. Adapter available on request.
    • New device: Temic TS87C52X2
  • 2.71, Release date 11.09.00
    • New devices: SGS Thomson M29F010B, M29F512B.
  • 2.70, Release date 25.08.00
    • Bugfix: The Intel Hex to binary converter did not correctly convert some source files.
  • 2.70, Release date 12.08.00
    • Update of Setup-Program: For Windows 2000 the setup program now makes the necessary changes to the configuration of the parallel ports automatically.
  • 2.70, Release date 30.07.00
    • New devices: Catalyst CAT28C16A, CAT28C17A, CAT28C64B, CAT28C65B, CAT28C256
    • User interface: It is prevented that the user accidentally closes the database server engine.
  • 2.69, Release date 02.07.00
    • New: support for Windows 2000
  • 2.69, Release date 02.06.00
    • New devices: Microwire EEPROMs 93C06, 93C46, 93C56, and 93C66. For these devices the SERMEM adapter is required.
  • 2.68, Release 23.04.00
    • better integeration with the MLABS development system for Microchip PIC microcontrollers.
    • update of the instruction manual. Read this if you are using PIC.
    • HEXBIN.COM has been replaced by HEXBIN.EXE. If you do not use the HC95 setup, you must delete the old HEXBIN.COM manually.
  • 2.66, Release date 17.03.00
    • New devices: EPROMs 27C256 in the PLCC32 package using the PLCC32_28 adapter.
  • 2.66, Release date 15.03.00
    • Bugfix: Marconix MX28F1000P
  • 2.66, Release date 27.02.00
    • New device: Marconix MX28F1000P
  • 2.65, Release date 30.01.00
    • Update: National Semiconductor GAL16V8 and GAL20V8.
    • Bugfix: Using "real" DOS, programming some devices unintentionally activated the security bits.
  • 2.64, Release date 15.01.00
    • Better error messages, when reading a device fails because of read-protection.
  • 2.64, Release date 11.01.00
    • Bugfix: Reading small Lattice GAL and AMD PALCE devices was producing a wrong data format.
  • 2.63, Release date 24.12.99 - XMAS release
    • Speed improvement for FLASH memory devices
    • New devices: SGS Thomson M24C128, M24C256
    • New devices: Philips PCF8582C-2, PCF8594C-2, PCF8598C-2
  • 2.62, Release date 14.11.99
    • New adapter: PLCC32_28. This adapter is used for EPROM 27C512 in the PLCC32 package.
  • 2.62, Release date 01.11.99
    • Improved, faster programming algorithm for NMOS EPROM
    • Improved programming algorithm for NM27C32B
  • 2.61, Release date 17.10.99
    • New devices: PIC16CR83, PIC16CR84, PIC16F83, PIC16F84, PIC16F84A
    • PIC Microcontroller data memory can now be programmed.
  • 2.60, Release date 10.10.99
    • New devices: SST28SF040(A) and SST28VF040A
    • The graphical user interface HC95 now "remembers" the directories last used.
  • 2.59, Release date 18.09.99
    • Bugfix: Atmel AT89C51/52/55 could not be erased. The problem exists in versions 2.58 and 2.59 of release dates 10.08.99 and later.
    • Bugfix: programming algorithm Microchip PIC microcontroller. Sympton: Occasionally, the programmer stops programming on the first word with an error message that the device cannot be programmed.
  • 2.59, Release date 04.09.99
    • Disk 4 was missing in the archive. This has been fixed.
  • 2.59, Release date 29.08.99
    • first release with full English language support. The hed.chip Software always contains support for German and English language. It displays automatically the correct language depending on the international settings of the computer the software is running on.

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