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Universalprogrammiergeraete: hed.chip - Universal Programmiergeraet

 Höpping Elektronik Design proudly presents

General instructions for usage
Important information
Hardware and software requirements
Command line operation
Graphical user interface HC95
Connection and software installation
International Power Supply
Plug and Prog
Windows: HC95
Windows: working with HC95 batch files
Windows: HC95 default settings
Information regarding Windows NT 4.0
Programming of read and/or write protection
Insertion of devices

Insertion of the adapter into the programmer

Homemade adapters
Device identification and selection of the correct device mnemonic
Device details
Programmable logic - about PLDs and GALs
Copy devices
ATF16V8, ATF20V8, ATF22V10, ATF1500
ATV750(B)aund ATV2500(B):
AMD PALCE-series
MCS51 microcontroller
Atmel AT89C** series controllers
Atmel AT89S** controllers
Philips 87C7** controllers
Dallas High Speed Controller DS87C520/530
Siemens SAB-C513A
Temic TSC87C51
Atmel AVR-RISC microcontroller
Lock bits and fuses
Microchip PIC microcontroller
Configuration Word
Read-protection in UV erasable PIC microcontrollers
Overview of the supported PIC microcontrollers
PIC12C5XX, RC-oscillator calibration
PIC12C67X, RC-oscillator calibration
Serial memory devices
EEPROMs. serial 2-wire interface, I2C
EEPROMs, serial 3-wire interface, SPI
FPGA-Configuration Memories series AT17C***
Parallel memory devices
EEPROMs, series 28C
FLASH-ROM, series 29C and 29EE
FLASH-ROM with boot block write-protection
FLASH, series 29F
FLASH, series 28F
FLASH Intel 28F001B
Memory devices in the PLCC32 package
Low Voltage
DOS-return codes