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Universalprogrammiergeraete: hed.chip - Universal Programmiergeraet



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... the necessary adapters

Adapters for hed.chip - universal device programmer

Adapters for device programmers are not well liked. They can turn a low-priced programmer into a very costly programming system. However, having to use adapters cannot be avoided in some cases.

We make the distinction between standard adapters for devices in SMD packages and special adapters that expand the programming capabilities of the programmer. Standard adapters simply connect the pins of a device in PLCC or SOIC package to the corresponding pins of the DIP packages. These adapters can also be used for other device programmers. Special adapters are used for certain devices with special requirements for the programming hardware, eg: Microchip PIC microcontroller.


used for:

Memory devices in the PLCC32 package


  used for:

MCS51 microcontroller in the PLCC44 package


Adapter PLCC20 used for:

GAL16V8, GAL18V10, PALCE16V8 and ATF16V8 in the PLCC20 package


used for:

Microchip PIC microcontroller in DIP8, DIP18, DIP28, or DIP40 packages

UNIPIC18: as shown but with only the DIP18 test socket and the DIP8 precision socket equipped. The other test sockets may be added at a later time.


used for:

Microcontroller and programmable logic devices (PLD) in the SOIC20 package. eg: AT89C2051-24SC

The DIP8 presision socket of the SERMEM Adapter may be equipped at a later time.


used for:

Atmel FPGA Configuration Memory, series AT17C

Since this adapter uses the same printed circuit board as the SOIC20 adapter, the SOIC20 test socket may be added at a later time. (Not suitable for AT17C devices in SOIC20 package!)


used for:


Previous versions of hed.chip (hardware revision 1) also need this adapter for: 27C32, 27C512, 27C080, AT90S4414, AT90S8515


 Adapter TQFP44  used for:

MCS51 Microcontroller,
 eg.: AT89C52-24AC


 Adapter for Siemens / Infineon C505A and C505CA used for:

Siemens / Infineon C505A and C505CA 


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