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hed.dress - address database with CRM, version 4.32
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hed.dress - CRM-Software - einfach und schnell - kostenloser Download


_dress.exe, approx. 6.75 MB hed.dress - address database and contact management. How to: download the file _dress.exe. Save it on your local disk in a temporary folder, eg: C:\Temp. 

When _dress.exe is on your local disk, start it. We recommend, that you accept the suggested program location. After installation, you will find an entry "hed.dress" in the start menu.

Version 4.32, approx. size: 10 MB, exact size: 10,950,144 bytes.

Download-Tip: Check the size of the file after downloading. Doing this, you can be certain that you have really received the current version and the download has been successful.

Important: If you are already using hed.dress, backup the file heddress_database.db. This file contains all your address information. It will be overwritten during installation.

Slow Connection? You can order the this software on CDROM. Price List

Do you need an Update? Check the version history for changes and bug fixes

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