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Universalprogrammiergeraete: hed.chip - Universal Programmiergeraet

Software released by...

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_hc95.exe, ca. 3.5 MB HC95, the Windows software for hed.chip.  Install: Copy _hc95.exe into an empty directory and execute it. The installation files are extracted. Start SETUP.EXE. The installation files may be deleted afterwards. (Version 3.25 from 21.10.2006, size: approx. 7 MB.
_hed.exe, ca 46kB HEDCHIP.EXE and some more files needed for the command line operation of  hed.chip on DOS and Windows 95/98 are extracted from _hed.exe. (Version 3.24 from 25.07.2006, size: approx. 90 kB.

anleit.pdf, ca.550kB

Manual for hed.chip in Adobe Acrobat PDF-format manual.pdf. (Version 3.23 from 24.05.2006, size: approx. 0.8 MB, precisely: 769,446 bytes).

Download-Tip: check the size of the file after downloading. Doing this, you can be certain that you have really received the current version and the download has been successful.

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